There’s a wolf somewhere – Grace Morris

There was once a poem Billy the whale told everyone

About a wolf called nelly this is how she is described,

The grey of a charred old rock
And the wiry bristles of a brush
For her fur.


The sting of an angry bumble bee

And the snap of a crocodile

For her bite.


The bark of an upset dog

And the creak of an old rusty gate

For her howl


The flame of a burning fire

And the stare for death

For her eyes


The leap of a kangaroo

And the leap and dart of a frog

For her pounce

Beware, Beware there’s a wolf somewhere rabbits, and pigeons, pheasants and foxes better watch outif they don’t you’ll hear them shout beware, beware there’s a wolf somewhere.

That is how the poem goes.