Ten ladies dancing

waiting in a line

one slipped over

and then there were nine


Nine ladies dancing

Just could not wait

One banged her head

and then there were eight.


Eight ladies dancing

With perfume that smelled like heaven

One passed out

And then there were seven


Seven ladies dancing

Twirling to Little Mix

One went home to dinner

And then there were six.


Six ladies dancing

All the way to the hive

One found a really good book

And then there were five


Five ladies dancing

They just wanted more

One went to bed

And then there were four


Four ladies dancing

Running round a tree

One found a woodpecker

And then there were three


Three ladies dancing

With a cow that went moo

One needed to collect her kids

And then there were two.


Two ladies dancing

Looking where the rest had gone

One went for a drink

And then there was one.


One lady dancing

Having all the fun

She got a bit lonely

And then there was none.