LIFE - Libby (11)

I am young and free

I have people to care for me

I don’t yet know the horrors within

So, sat there I grin.


Where has it gone?

Time does not last long

My damp eyes are red and raw

My body aches and I feel sore


But as time ticks by

Sat there I sigh

Because I know you are gone for evermore

I cry and cry


I try to get up but collapse

You gave me strength

But that’s what I lack


Where have you gone?

Time does not last long

Now I am old but still wise and still bold

My grandchildren are passing on things I have told


For I am old and I shall die

But down to hell shall I go?

No, heaven is the place I shall know!


Angels lift me up to heaven

For there I shall sleep

And my body will no longer creak.