HOMEWORK - Joanna (9)

Homework, homework due today,

Running out of time Hooray!

Nightmare teacher oh god no!

Grab a pencil, right, let’s go.


History, geography, DR! That’s it,

What do I need? Think, think, think.

Pencil, glue, & some ink,

Let’s do some sticking just a bit.


Put it in my folder woohoo it’s done,

Let’s go to school & have some fun.

Grab my bag & lunch box,

Before I quickly grab some socks.


Off I go on my way to school,

I’ve never been a fool.

I left it late I know that now,

So I give my teacher a great big bow.


No detention, not today,

This is time to cheer HOORAY!

This is cause to have a ball,

Three cheers for me, three cheers for all