My mum wakes me up and I get out of bed

She gives me breakfast to make sure my brain is fed


I walk to school,  it’s kind of cool,

I play with my friends and enjoy P.E.

So school is not that bad for me.


The teacher says, “time to go

and don’t forget your homework” I scream, NO!

That dreaded word HOMEWORK.


I walk through my door, my smile turns upside down

What’s up?” says Mum, “that’s a distraught kind of frown”.


Little does she know what’s coming my way

I’m going to be in major trouble next day.


Just that word homework makes me ill,

I ask my mum to give me a pill.


Don’t be silly, that won’t work

now get upstairs and do your homework”.


I sit on my bed and sure I turn green

with a rash from my pen. My eyes close shut and then …..


Where did the time go.??

It’s the next day , Oh NO!!


I fear detention is coming my way

but it wasn’t my fault please believe me I pray.


I really have an allergy I’m sure

I gulp as I go to the teacher’s door.


Hand in your homework or detention” she screams

Little Annie’s face starts to beam


Annie is a goody two shoes, homework always in on time

I just wish today I had done mine.


Sorry Miss I really am allergic.

You’re telling me that you have a homework allergy?


Well I think I have and that is the end

Please can I go now and play with my friends?