A WORLD WAR ONE STORY - Emily - Jayne (12)

Fields of flowers, scents

and childhood dreams,

screams of laughter,

sun shining bright in the sky.

These are the scenes I can dream.


So different now

we are in trenches deep in the ground.

Wire fences separate the enemy.

The sound of gun fire


Whizz, fizz, bright lights in a dark sky.


Bombs bouncing along,

my comrades like flies

as they drop to the ground.

Wounded and blooded,

they fight for their country.


Sweat, urine, rats and rotting flesh,

skeletons of heroes stuck in mud.

These trenches are coffins stuck

in the ground. My fear, my lonely

heart – take me from this hell.


Goodbye, mother, father, brother

I served my country

I shall not return.


Remember the dream

Now fields of poppies swaying in the wind

Sense and laughter and the sun shines through.