Examples for Primary School children


Remember there are many ways to write a poem and it does not have to rhyme – we just want to see some really interesting ideas. YOUR ideas.


How to write an acrostic poem – look here: https://www.poetry4kids.com/lessons/how-to-write-an-acrostic-poem. Simply write the title of the poem down the page and begin each line with the first letter as shown here:

Ice Cream

I love every flavour.
Cookies & salted caramel
English Toffee.

Chocolate Chip.
Rocky Road.
Even Strawberry and
Almond Fudge.


The poem below focusses on some pretty awful ingredients – what sort of recipe would you like to write about. A recipe for peace/ friendship/ summer holidays/ a great birthday??? What about a perfect family – have a look here: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/recipe-for-perfect-family

The Incredible Dish

Take one pimple, squeezed freshly today

Add in a spider with some curds and whey

then two maggots juicy and fat

two hairs from the back of a flea covered rat.

Bring to the boil for ten minutes or more

Chuck in a toe nail and an old apple core

Flip in a finger, drip in some glue

Stir it and add in the sole of a shoe

Dice up the dead skin from one of your toes

add in the dribble from out of your nose

Serve it with blisters and old rotten fish

What do you think of this incredible dish???



Limericks have five lines and are usually funny - you can look up loads of limericks on this website - http://www.kidzone.ws/poetry/limerick.htm

Or search for the poems of Edward Lear: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/limericks-by-edward-lear


There once was a farmer from Leeds

Who swallowed a packet of seeds

It soon came to pass

He was covered in grass

And you couldn’t see his head for the weeds.!




Listen to Kit Wright read his amazing poem – The Magic Box – then think about what you might put in your magic box. What would the box be made of? Where would you keep it? The thing with this poem is to think of only amazing things.!!!


Also lots of amazing resources on this website: http://childrenspoetryarchive.org



Here is an example of a simple list poem – this one rhymes but yours does not have to.



FUNNY POEMS have a look on YOU TUBE for ideas!!!!


Just type Youtube into Google and then these titles:

  • Funny children's poetry: "The worm that wouldn't wiggle" - poems for kids
  • Poems for children: "The fish that couldn't climb trees" - funny kids poetry


Or what about a RAP??!!!

  • More ideas on You Tube like :   Respect Rap
  • Learn to Rap - fun interactive video for kids (Simon Mole Poet)


Or just this – great ideas for starting a poem:

  • Write a poem in under 10 minutes - fun interactive video for kids (Simon Mole)


and remember these - GOOD THINGS TO USE IN A POEM:


  • Great adjectives – descriptive words –
  • Use all your senses – sight/ sound/ touch/ smell/ taste/ hearing
  • Use a simile – The kitten was white as snow/ He was cold as ice
  • Interesting verbs – not just - go / said/ went / asked… think out of the box.
  • Alliteration – Silly susan slept soundly in the scorching sun
  • Rhyme and rhythm