Young People's Poetry Competition

The third year of the Young People's Poetry Competition is complete.

We've got our 2019 winners:

In the Primary section our winner is Joe Berrow from Lindridge School

and here is his poem:



Poems the joy of our hearts

One of mankind’s greatest achievements

They come in different shapes



Some are wacky

Some are funny

Some are about time

Some are about space

Some are about dreams

Some poems are fancy

Some poems are about dancing zebras

Some are about fun and friendship

Some are about animals

Some are about slimy aliens

Some poems are about the circus

Full of ‘acro’ bats ( bats that perform in circuses)!

Some are about donkeys in hats

Some are about bears on the moon

Some are about the sea

Some are royal and regal

Some are grand

But still some are a little bland

But this one is a poem about …


And here are some of the Primary Age Prize Winners, and Deborah Alma our judge.

The Secondary Winner is Emma Richards, 14, from Tenbury High.

And here is her poem:



Standing in front of a mirror


Indecisive how I really see the world

For what reflects on the surface,

Is wreckage…..


The light bounces back,

Twists, morphing an alluring world,

into something diabolical –



Lakes of serenity,

Once adored,

Now demolished,

In all rage - rips and tears.


The mirror   - so polished

And immaculate. Undeserving.

Everything inside it’s frame



In all of a


My arm slams.

Striking the false illusion.


 I never considered it,

Not a minute, not even a second.

And before I know

The glass


 A split appears,

Gently winding down the pane,

Until it grows and grows.

Like lightning.

A rapid flash.


 The glass in splinters

Blood on my hands

Blood on the mirror

Smeared in a scarlet fury.


Chills down my spine,

Chills of hidden terror.


On the ground,

The fragments disintegrate.

Alone. Left to reflect thin air.


I snap inside.

Faking, pretending nothing happened.


The last glimpse of reality,



Well done to everybody who entered, Thanks to our judges, and to my amazing wife, Tina, who is the person that makes this competion such success.  Watch out for this year's anthologies - more news soon